Rain City Skills ''The Convoy'' Yo-Yo - Broke Village Collaboration - 7075 Aluminum YoYo

Color: Pirate Cup
Sale price$ 65.99

Introducing “The Convoy” – A collaboration between Rain City Skills and Broke Village

Some time ago I got to chatting with Cory Gardner, the brain behind Broke Village, and we decided we needed to
collaborate on a design. When I collaborate with a brand, it’s more than just two people making a yoyo together. I
like to dig in and find commonalities to hang an idea on. We discovered a piece of common ground through my
grandfather. My mom and I lived with my grandparents until I as 8 years old and my grandfather was a huge
influence in my life. Cory works in the USA merchant marine. My grandfather served in the Canadian Merchant
Marine during World War Two. Thus the convoy was born.

We began with the idea of 2 colourways, one for each country. We worked with Justin Scott Larson (the design
genius behind most of the Rain City Line, as well as the Broke Village Fidalgo) and came up with a unique blend
of an O-shape with a flat rim. We chose 7075 to make this design perform the way modern players expect in terms
of stability and power, while holding onto the fun yoyo experience that Rain City is known for and including our
Signature Lego compatible hub.
We decided to aim for a September release date, and then discovered International Pirate Day is on September
19th, so we added a solid black with skull and crossbones to the release.


The details:
The convoy will come with the full Rain City Packaging experience. We opted for a standard brown kraft paper
box, to give the appearance of a shipping crate. When you open the box you’ll find a throw packed in shredded
wood packing material to add to the experience. They come with a sticker with the custom art created by Waylon
Crase featuring the Vancouver skyline on a boat, with the Broke Village Shack at the back. This logo will also be
on the included “Yoyomon” trading card.
Finally the package will be accompanied by a minifigure matching the colourway.

7075 Aluminum
Diameter – 54mm
Width – 47.5mm
Weight – 63g

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