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Sam Sack-Series 5

Sam Sack-Series 5

$ 9.99

Sam Sack-Series 5 -"Metal Mouth" ?ÿ8 Panel Footbag - ?ÿMetal Fill?ÿ
Metal Mouth is the heavy hitter of the Sam Sack Series 5. ?ÿ8 Panel Amara Suede, Pellet Filled, In a alternating panels of Gray and Red, the "Metal Mouth" is Metal Filled, for a seriously heavy kicking experience.

Amara Suede is soft and strong...the perfect material for a footbag!

Hand Stitched. ?ÿ

All Sam Sack are limited edition.?ÿ

There is only one run of this style.
Once they're gone...they are gone.

These footbags were born to be collected. ?ÿGet yours before it is gone.?ÿ

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