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SHINWOO Phantom Yo-Yo - Xyo -Butterfly Shape- Ball Bearing-

SHINWOO Phantom Yo-Yo - Xyo -Butterfly Shape- Ball Bearing-

$ 10.99

It looks so plain, but its ordinary exterior hides its impressive potential.

The legendary butterfly shape makes a comeback with some new improvements for string tricks. Inside the plastic body is a metal rim, bringing the total weight up to an average 65 grams for impressive spin. The response pads are very durable, hardly ever requiring replacement. Whether you're looking for a fun yo-yo to throw around casually, or a serious contest model, the Phantom can suit your needs. The Phantom feels comfortable in the hand, and is sure to please fans of that body type. For players looking for the next step in the low-cost, high-quality plastic market, this is the yo-yo for you.

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