Silverback King Offstring Yo-Yo - KingYoStar/MonkeyfingeR Collaboration-Blue

Sale price$ 42.55

MonkeyfingeR Design and King Yo Star worked through 4 stages of prototypes honing this design to create an off-string yo-yo intended to bridges the gap between the ideal throw for learning, and a competition throw. Crafted out of Delrin, it was extensively tested (i.e. bashed around) on every surface they could find. This 4a design is intended for beginner play all the way to the professional player. The Silverback King comes with a 10-ball grooved bearing installed, and a flat 8-ball bearing as an option, so you can customize your throw to meet your style. It also includes a throw glove, spare pads, 3 stickers and 2 custom MFD Ape Hangar strings.
Diameter: 77mm
Width: 60mm
Weight: 81g
The SBK comes in 3 colors, White, Blue and Orange.

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