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STARTER MAGIC KIT - Perfect for the serious beginner - YoYoSam

STARTER MAGIC KIT - Perfect for the serious beginner

$ 19.99

Starter Magic Kit

The perfect magic kit for the serious beginner.
The One Stop Fun Shop's Starter Magic Kit is "EIGHT" incredible magic tricks
all in one kit at one "fantastic" price.

Here is what you get:

Magic Ball & Vase
Now you see it, now you don't!
The ball disappears than reappears.

IMP Bottle
This is a classic.
Place the bottle on it's side.
Hand the bottle to someone else and now ask them
to do the same.

Disappearing Ink
Harmless liquid when applied to anything
will disappear when it dries.
Imagine the possibilities!

Magic Coin Slide
Another Classic.
Now you see the coin, Now you don't.

Magic Deck of Cards
You'll receive "one" of three different

(Svengali, Tapered or Marked)

These tricks are easy to learn and amazing to perform.

The Rising Tennis Ball
Make the ball float before their eyes.

Amazing In & Out Boxes
Place the larger box into the smaller one.
I mean the smaller one into the larger.....
??? What just happened?

Magic Thumb Tip
A Magicians favorite all time trick.
Make items disappear and reappear from thin air.

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