Sweets Kendamas Six Finger Kendama Strings - Extra Long String

Color: Multi Bright - 11 Pack
Sale price$ 9.99

Extra-long String to fit all your needs!

SixFinger Strings are the highest quality kendama strings on the market!
Made from braided nylon they are resilient and offer the perfect balance of bounce and sturdiness.

Sweets SixFinger Strings are extra-long by design so you can choose the perfect length for you!
All SixFinger strings are approximately 22in (560mm) in length, and produced exclusively for Sweets Kendamas.

4 Packs include:
4 Strings
2 Spinner Beads
2 Plastic Beads
4 Stickers
1 Stringing Tool

11 Packs include:
11 Strings
6 Spinner Beads
5 Plastic Beads
4 Stickers
4 Stringing Tool

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