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The Mougee Air Flow Star - A lighter version of the Classic Mougee - Easy to Spin

$ 49.99 

The Mougee Air is a lighter version of the Classic Mougee Star. Made from the same quality materials with the same dimension, just a little lighter in the middle. Great for beginners and kids, the lighter weight makes it easier to keep your arm up while spinning. But the original Mougee holds up better with a breeze. Either one is great fun!

Mougee (moo-jee) is the ultimate Flow Star. It's fun, easy to get started and endlessly challenging. Anyone can do it, and it is totally addicting. If you've ever thought pizza spinning was cool, The Mougee Flow Star is gonna rock you.

The Classic Mougee and Mougee Air are perfectly weighted and made from premium materials with matching color piping to add extra edge weight to maintain momentum.

Great for beginners or advanced players. No matter your age or skill level, Mougee is fun and challenging.

Show off your skills alone, or play in a group. Whether doing individual tricks, or passing it among friends, Mougee-Star and Mougee Air have unlimited ways to play.

Weight: 12oz
Diameter: 28 inches

Most patterns are UV reactive for an amazing visual effect.

Comes in a variety of exciting patterns and colors.

Mougee has been making quality Flow Stars since 2019!