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The Vali, undersized Steel Yo-Yo - by yoyo Zeekio

The Vali, undersized Steel Yo-Yo - by yoyo Zeekio

$ 39.99

The Vali is an undersized stainless steel yo-yo with a sharp “V” shape. It is about the same size as yoyo Zeekio's Little Evil and Little Evil 2 but the Vali plays big. This pint-sized heavy steel yo-yo is indicative of yoyo Zeekio's commitment to make innovative and quality yo-yos at an affordable price.

The name Vali comes from the Norse god who was the son of Odin and Rindr (a giantess). yoyo Zeekio felt it would be fitting to name this small yo-yo with a big heart after this mythological god.


Material:       Stainless Steel

Weight:         59 g

Diameter:      43 mm

Width:           33 mm

Gap:             4.5 mm

Bearing:        10 Ball Flat

Response:    Silicone Pads

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