Thesis Yoyos HypoThesis V2 Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo

Color: Gold
Sale price$ 75

V2: Faster, Lighter, More Stable
This is a supercharged version of the V1 that has been improved in every possible way and brought to you at the same low price point

Every cut, curve, color is made with the idea of creating a minimalist design that makes this yoyo just as suitable to be a competition yoyo or an art piece to add to your collection.

The new packaging includes a custom insert designed in-house that uses our head designer's background in origami to create a paper fold that can hold and display the yoyo after taking it out of the packaging.

Weight: 63.7g
Width: 46.2mm
Diameter: 55.9mm
Gap Width: 4.55mm
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rings: Stainless Steel

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