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TMBR Irving Premium Wood Yo-Yo: Fixed Axle

TMBR Irving Premium Wood Yo-Yo: Fixed Axle

$ 25.99

TMBR brings a simple, traditional yet modern approach to the classic wooden yo-yo. The Premium Irving series features the same great classic yo-yo design of the regular Irving line, plus choices of three different exotic woods (padauk, puple heart or zebra wood).

Have some fun with it, it's just a toy ... and yet it's so much more. The Irving proves that a simple, fixed-axle yo-yo can provide serious fun and play for even hard-core yo-yoers.

Irving series yo-yos have a tapered gap and a flat rim, and are slightly over-sized for longer spin times. The yo-yos also include an ingenious through-hole on one side for stubborn knots.

All TMBR yo-yos are handcrafted in the U.S.

Weight: 44.2 g;
Diameter: 59 mm;
Width: 28 mm;
Material: Either padauk, purple heart or zebra wood.

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