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Two Vintage Fli-Back Yo-Yos Wooden Circled Eagle and a plastic Fli-Back 1960s

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Two Fli Back Yo-Yos

Vintage Fli-Back Eagle Top Yo-Yo Circled Eagle Wooden Blue and Red YoYo

This is a wooden yo-yo with a wooden peg axle. It seems to have the original string. It is in good condition although the stamp a little dirty. It can use a cleaning. Aside from the dirt, it's in good shape.

At the time this model of yo-yo came out, Fli-Back was based in High Point, North Carolina. The company would eventually be sold in the late 60s to Ohio Art Company in Bryan, Ohio, maker of the Etch-A-Sketch, among other toys.

The Plastic Fli Back was probably a free giveaway in cracker Jacks or breakfast cereal. Most likely from the late 60s.

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*Thanks to Lucky Meisenheimer for providing information on this yo-yo and many others in his book, Lucky's Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. The most comprehensive Yo-Yo collectors book ever written.