Vintage Cheerio Wood Champion Yo-Yo -Terrible Condition-50s (VF8-3)

Sale price$ 9.99
This Cheerio champion foild sticker Yo-Yo was the first Cheerio Yo-Yo promoted in teh US after WWII. It was made between 1947 and 1955.

It is beat to hell and has CG carved into the back. Much paint loss and scrapes. The foil sticker is also all beat up and a lot of it missing. Even so, this is a very collectible yo-yo, there are a lot of "Cheerio" Yo-Yo collectors out there. While this is not going t be a jewel in anyone's collection, it is a piece of Yo-Yo history. I can only imagine who CG is and what became of him (or her).

*All of YoYoSam's Vintage Yo-Yos have been checked by a knowledgeable yo-yo collector for accuracy and authenticity. They are guaranteed to be genuine. Beware of fakes and inaccurate descriptions.

*Thanks to Lucky Meisenheimer for providing information on this yo-yo and many others in his book, Lucky's Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. The most comprehensive Yo-Yo collectors book ever written.

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