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Vintage Duncan Beginners Tournament Yo-Yo -Fair Condition- 30s or 40s (VF1-07)

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SKU: VF1-07

This is the Duncan Beginner Small G Tournament Yo-Yo.

One piece wooden Yo-Yo with gold stamp. Half black and half red
There are some scratches and wear. The stamp is faded, but readable.

This was the first Duncan Yo-yo to use the word "beginner" on the stamp. It also says "Reg US Patent Off" I think this was before registration marks were commonly used and Duncan was trying to establish the word Yo-yo as their trademark.*

*Duncan had a famous lawsuit with Royal Yo-Yos over the use of the word Yo-Yo. Duncan contended that Yo-Yo was their trademarked name for the generic toy called a Return Top. Royal argued that Yo-Yo was the name of the toy and that Duncan couldn't trademark it. Royal Prevailed in the early 60s and after that time Duncan stopped using the trademark registration mark ® on the word Yo-Yo. Many Duncan Yo-Yos before that time will have the registration mark below the dash in Yo-Yo. This is helpful in dating vintage Duncan Yo-Yos and identifying genuine and fake vintage yo-yos.

*All of YoYoSam's Vintage Yo-Yos have been checked by a knowledgeable yo-yo collector for accuracy and authenticity. They are guaranteed to be genuine. Beware of fakes and inaccurate descriptions.

*Thanks to Lucky Meisenheimer for providing information on this yo-yo and many others in his book, Lucky's Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos. The most comprehensive Yo-Yo collectors book ever written.