Wallaby Boomerang, Yallingup, Three Wing Birch, Hand Crafted, Digitally Printed and Signed, Right Handed

Sale price$ 24.99

This three wings is easy to catch. A high fly, very round. It is fun to throw and catch and makes for great trick catches, too.

Available for right-handed throwers only. (left-handed throwers, see the ambidextrous collection)
Suitable for teens and adults from 13 years old.
Handcrafted with the best Aircraft plywood in the world that can be use in the water, this plywood float.
Distance maximum of the flight, 60 to 75 feet.
Wingspan, 8 3/4 inch
This model is great for light winds.
Handpainted on the wood and signed by Stephane Marguerite.

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