X-Kites Mini Poly Diamond Kite - Angry Bird - MicroDiamond 7.75 inch Kite

Style: Black Bird
Sale price$ 3.99

The X-Kites Microdiamond Angry Birds Assortment of Poly Sail Kites is made up of four kite styles featuring Black Bird, Blue Bird, Red Bird and Pig from Angry Birds. The kites in this pack are designed with modern kite sails and fibreglass frames to ensure strength and durability. Every kite is able to fly right out of the packaging. 12m of line and a ring winder to wind your line easily back onto the spool are both included. These kites fly great in wind ranging from 4 to 10 MPH. Attached Sky Tails allow kite fliers better control during aerial manoeuvres. Each kite has highly detailed graphics that will have spectators admiring from afar. The X-Kites Microdiamond Angry Birds Assortment of Kites is perfect for party favours or classroom giveaways and is recommended for ages 5 to adult.

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