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YoYo Empire Rainfly Yo-Yo

YoYo Empire Rainfly Yo-Yo

$ 69.99

YoYo Empire just released the 2015 flagship called Rainfly. It??s their most expensive and best (if you ask us) yo-yo to date and is still very affordable. Rainfly stands out by having a bi-metal construction. That means that the metal rings surrounding the metal body are made from a different, heavier compound. That gives the yo-yo a very special feeling and is beneficial for weight distribution, resulting in better stability, sleep times and overall performance. The first thing you notice after throwing the Rainfly is the smoothness of the spin itself. There??s absolutely no vibration or any other disappointing effect that yo-yo's sometimes get. This has something to do with the ball bearing as well.
This version, for sale in the United States, has a flat, C bearing.
One last thing to have to mention is the response system. It??s the standard 19 millimeter CBC pad setup with a tiny lip near the inside of the yo-yo. This should keep the string off the pads and prolong the sleep time even further.

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