yoyo Zeekio Space Monkey Yo-Yo

Color: Purple
Sale price$ 36.99
The Space Monkey has landed. After several test flights into the upper atmosphere we are confident this is now one of the most exiting YoYos within earths gravitational pull. The Space Monkey is an evolution in Yo-Yo technology. This Yo-Yo has an extremely aerodynamic feel to it and is dead smooth in and out of your tricks. The Space Monkey is a solid 67 grams but feels light in the air. With a slick dramatic V shape, this Yo-Yo fits well in the hands of all of this planets humans. For maximum spin times try this Yo-Yo in outer space. (ask your parents first, and bring a sweater as we've been told its cold out there) Or just throw it here on earth and check out the awesome space monkey graphic on the side each yoyo! Weight (g): 67 Width (mm): 40 Diameter (mm): 54 gap width(mm): 4.76 No Monkeys were harmed during the making of this yoyo.

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