YoYo Zeekio Spin Cycle Yo-Yo - Responsive Beginner Aluminum YoYo - Includes Extra Bearing for Non-responsive Play

Color: BLUE
Sale price$ 18.99

The Zeekio Spin Cycle is a great beginner yo-yo that offers something for players of all levels. It is responsive, although a good sleeper in the classic sense.

The Spin Cycle is made of Aluminum and comes in raw silver or deep blue anodized finish.

The Spin Cycle is a great addition to any yo-yo collection no matter the skill level. At a great price, this yo-yo is bound to be a big hit for players looking for some throwback responsive play or beginners that are just getting used to throwing.

**To use side hubs it is recommended that you use the non-responsive bearing that is included.**


Weight: 65 grams
Diameter: 55 mm Width: 39 mm
String Gap: 4 mm
Bearing: Responsive Bearing 10 Ball 13 mm x 3 mm
Axle: 10 mm x 4 mm
Response: 19mm Pad

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