YoYoFactory Avant Garde Yo-Yo

Color: Lime And Aqua Splash
Sale price$ 114.99
When the YoYoFactory team started putting together ideas for the Avant Garde yo-yo, they decided to head in a totally new direction with the design. Rather than focusing only on outside weight distribution and angular shapes, the design uses a simple curved shape and a new method of removing center weight.
The result is that the Avant Garde has an extreme "undercut" design, and super smooth and round shape. It creates a unique feel and level of play. The Avant Garde is also an extremely comfortable yo-yo in the hand. This is cutting-edge modern yo-yo design for sure.
Weight (g): 66.9
Diameter (mm): 56.46
Width (mm): 42.9
Bearing: Size C
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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