YoYoFactory BaseCamp Series - Jackknife

Color: Aqua
Sale price$ 74.99
Welcome to Basecamp! Designed by: YoYoFactory Influenced by: CLYW
Basecamp isn’t a location, but a place where we all come together. Somewhere to take refuge, plan together, and eventually help each other on the tricky ascent. It allows our teams to be one and climb together.
Creating the Jackknife required a lot of back and forth collaboration. The profile feeds off of many of the more recent CLYW models, whereas the internal cup incorporates YoYoFactory’s fingerspin cup development. The undercut in the inner bowl is not just visually stunning, but also delivers a more favorable weight distribution. The end result is a stand-out design that is floaty, fast, and fun.
Weight (g): 64.8
Diameter (mm): 56.45
Width (mm): 64.8
Gap (mm): 5
Bearing: Size C - CBC Center Trac
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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