YoYoFactory Boost Afterburner Yo-Yo - Engineered YoYo - Alex Hattori Signature

Color: Pink with Black Rim
Sale price$ 60

Alex Hattori is the most successful competitor in the history of the USA National contest winning an amazing 7 times. He has proven time and time again to be a game changing player, and thusly needs a yo-yo that changes the game just as well! Meet the BOOST Afterburner!

The BOOST Afterburner is engineered, not just machined. Constructed in composite of multiple pieces of 6061 alloy this allows unprecedented speed and stability resulting in smooth, powerful and fast play though weight distribution not possible with a single piece of aluminum!

Diameter 56.8mm
Width 44mm
Weight 66.2 grams
Gap .170”in

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