YoYoFactory-CLYW BaseCamp Series - Expedition

Color: Aqua
Sale price$ 74.99
Welcome to Basecamp

Basecamp isn’t a location, but a place where we all come together. Somewhere to take refuge, plan together, and eventually help each other on the tricky ascent. It allows our teams to be one and climb together.

Designed by: CLYW

Influenced by: YoYoFactory

The Expedition combines some of the strongest features of YYF and CLYW yoyos into one truly amazing throw. Influences were pulled from the Orca, Aviator, and many others. A soft grinding finish and solid rim weight make this yoyo a pure performance player that delivers for every type of trick, difficult or not.


Width: 44.65mm
Diameter: 55.56mm
Weight: 66.3g
Response: CLYW Snow Tires
Stock: Center Trac & 10mm Axle

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