YoYoFactory Damage Yo-Yo - Aluminum with DEL RING and Composite Rim - Nate Dailey Signature YoYo

Color: Aqua Purple
Sale price$ 59.99

Nate Dailey is currently ranked #4 in the World and has been top #3 at USA Nationals for a number of years. He's also the nicest guy you will meet and a great role model and ambassador. YoYoFactory is excited to introduce his latest Signature Yo-Yo, the DAMAGE.

Constructed of 6061 Alloy with a DEL-RING to reduce string friction, the Damage also features a composite rim delivering a big fat rim, speed, and a balance we hope players will recognize as delivering some of the best performance available.

Weight: 64.9g
Width: 45.65mm
Diameter: 56.75mm
Gap: 4.62mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm Slim

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