YoYoFactory DNA Yo-Yo - Ultra 7068 Aluminum YoYo with Many Extras

Color: Rose Gold
Sale price$ 69.99
DNA - Classic fun, Modern Marvel. Ultimate experience for all skill levels.

YoYoFactory embark on another journey of design discovery in the ULTRA 7068 metal with the DNA! DNA delivers a premium play experience to any skill level player and was the yoyo that introduced the half-spec / full spec responsive / unresponsive combination to the yoyo world. This latest release of DNA brings that back offering classic tug response play with the option to switch up to the included CT bearing for modern unresponsive play.

Weight 65.5grams
Diameter 55.35mm
Width 40.65mm narrow bearing
Width 42.23mm wide bearing
Gap .108in narrow bearing
Gap .170in wide bearing
Bearing narrow spec flat
Bearing Centertrac(R)

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