Yoyofactory G5 Yo-Yo Black Icon Edition with Hubstacks

Sale price$ 89.99
The YoYoFactory G5 (the yo-yo that introduced hubstack technology, and then paired it with high performance) is back in a brand-new better-than-ever edition. The new G5 takes cues from the original classic, but features a slimmer and more angular shape than its 2009 version. The wing shape and excellent rim weight distribution help make this a serious player.
The G5's performance is complemented by the awesome new colorful stacks, reminiscent of the classic "Simon" game, and sure to provide a vivid splash while spinning.
Weight (g): 69
Diameter (mm): 56.5
Width (mm): 37.4
Gap (mm): 4.6
Bearing: Size C - CBC SPEC
Response: CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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