YoYoFactory Glow Collection 2018 - Spinstar - Loop720 - Wedge - Arrow - Metal Arrow - Nine Dragons

Color: Spinstar
Sale price$ 7.99

YoYoFactory Glow Collection 2018
Good Vs Evil?
Day Vs Night?
Be on both sides with this GLOW IN THE DARK Collection from YOYOFACTORY.

There is something here for every assortment.
The Entry level GLOW Spinstar which adds an LED light for even more fun is set to be a favorite. For the more serious yo-yo player we have GLOW versions of two World Champions yo-yos, the Evan Nagao WEDGE and the Shu Takada LOOP720. There are two new yoyos in the collection. The GLOW BODY, Metal Weight ring ARROW and the METAL BODY ARROW offering mid priced performance to those looking to expand their yo-yo collection with some unique performance yo-yos. Finally the NINE DRAGONS joins in the Collection. The Nine Dragons has been redesigned and refined for the glow experience and looks to come back and reclaim the title of the most innovative and exciting yo-yo in the market.

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