YoYoFactory Horizon Pivot "Prototype 2" Yo-Yo - Wide Angle YoYo with Finger Spin Hub

Color: Black/Red
Sale price$ 45

With the original Horizon "pivot" Prototype, Yoyofactory released a super fun playing yo-yo with nearly unmatched fingerspin capabilities, with an extremely powerful shape and size..
And while Yoyofactory eases closer to a final release of this upcoming design, they feel it's not quite there yet, so they have decided to release Horizon Prototype 2.0 as part of the journey to the final product.
Featuring a finger-locking Pivot styled center cap, perfect for learning the basics of fingerspinning, as well as the most advanced top on tricks that require serious spintimes.
Like the original Horizon and all of its successors, this yo-yo is built to be capable of the most extreme horizontal tricks!

Weight: 65.2gm
Width: 46mm
Diameter: 59mm

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