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YoYoFactory NINE Dragons Yo-Yo - Triple Bearing!

YoYoFactory NINE Dragons Yo-Yo - Triple Bearing!

$ 74.99

The next step in yo-yo evolution! This concept combines several types of modern yo-yo design into an experience that is unlike anything else. The NINE Dragons is a collaboration yo-yo between YoYoFactory and Kuyos Design/YoYoFormula, offering a triple bearing design combined with a free spinning body, allowing for an entirely new realm of trick possibilities. The NINE Dragons can literally be held while it is spinning because the body of the yoyo spins independently of the core. The creative potential of the NINE Dragons is endless.

For instructions and frequently asked questions on the NINE Dragons, please visit the website here:


Weight (g):                 82

            Diameter (mm):         58.9

            Width (mm):               49

            Gap (mm):                 3.7

            Bearing:                     Size C - CBC SPEC X

            Response:                 CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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