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YoYoFactory Regen Super G Yo-Yo

YoYoFactory Regen Super G Yo-Yo

$ 44.99

YoYoFactory Regen Super G Yo-Yo
REGEN is 2014 1A world champion, Gentry Stein's fourth signature model. Based on the design of the Super G, it's his first signature model made from delrin plastic. Compared to the Super G, the dimensions are almost identical, but while the Super G had a heavier weight to it, the REGEN has a much lighter and softer feeling to it, thanks to the supple--yet durable--delrin body. So, even though the body shape is almost the same, the results feel like drastically different yo-yo's. Play with the full metal Super G, then swap it out for a REGEN, and feel the difference a change in material can make.

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