YoYoFactory x CLYW Basecamp Yo-Yo - Moonshine 2.0 YoYo

Color: Purple Silver
Sale price$ 59.99

Oh Moonshine.
The original Moonshine started a bit of a trend in terms of modern responsive yo-yo design and the new version doesn't hold back. Responsive, small bearing player can be set up to play unresponsive but that isn't really the aim.

Take it easy. Relax a while. maybe even have a nap under a tree.
There is no hurry with MOONSHINE.

Width 39.87mm
Diameter 56.44mm
Pad-to-pad gap 2.5mm
Axle 8mm
Bearing 5x10x4mm
Pads: 1 thick small bearing orange pad, 1 thin small bearing white pad

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