YoYoFactory x TOP YO Macaron Yo-Yo - 720 Looping 2A YoYo with CNC Spacer Kit

Color: Pink with Purple Cap
Sale price$ 18

Customed looping yoyo from YoYoFactory + TOPYO CNC spacer pack = MACARON!

This YoYo uses a 720 YoYo Body with a special CNC Aluminum Spacer Kit. You can change the gap size easily with different spacers.

Spacer Kit includes 2 sets of spacer, an axle and a bearing.

Weight: 51.8g / 1.82oz
Width: 33.66mm / 1.33in
Diameter: 58.72mm / 2.31in
Gap: 8mm / 0.31in
Bearing: Plastic Spool
Response: Starburst
Body Material: Polycarbonate

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