YoYoFactory ZODIAC Yo-Yo - Wide Bearing YoYo

Color: Black
Sale price$ 39.99


YoYoFactory's 2020 summer yo-yo is here!
Dont take it so serious. These summer yoyos are designed to be fun, pocket friendly and be at their best outdoors or with a little dirt or sand on the fingers.

ZODIAC is no different. Taking inspiration from the 2018 Confusion line it's comfy, and will combine all the elemental forces into.... hang on. Chillax. Have some fun.

While it can be setup responsive we find the sweet spot for this being wide bearing with lube rather than a bearing switch.

*note red/orange have a lil bubble under the rim. Its how it is.

Weight: 64.6g
Diameter: 57.8mm
Width" 43.93mm
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Bearing: Size C
Axle: 4x8mm

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