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Yoyofficer Crayon Yo-Yo

Yoyofficer Crayon Yo-Yo

$ 43.99

The cute Crayon Yo-Yo from YoYofficer has a smooth, round shape that is easy to catch and handle. This is the perfect choice for your "first born" metal yo-yo. The concave bearing gives you more control and helps the novices with difficult tricks. Feels light but is weighted(68g)for long spins. The weight in the outer rim helps with the sustained spins. Weight: 68g Diameter: 54.4 mm Width: 44.7 mm Gap: 4.0 mm approx Play Style: 1A 3A 5A Bearing: Size C concave/groove bearing. Response: recessed black Yoyofficer Frosted silicone response pads.

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