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SALE YoYoJam EneMe Yo-Yo

SALE YoYoJam EneMe Yo-Yo

$ 48.99

The YoYoJam ENEME is the full-metal jacketed version of the X-convict, over-tweaked, redefined and packed with play. It may look like a different beast, but you’ll find all the similarities of the X-convict on your first throw, with even better grinds, slacks and stalls than ever before.

The ENEME comes pre-stocked with a large YoYoJam Speed Bearing and silicone response for serious unresponsive and competitive play straight from the box.

Coming directly from the mind of JD, 2003 Regional, National & World Yo-Yo Champion, the ENEME is truly "Built by the Player, for the player".

Remember: Keep your friends close, but your ENEME closer.


Weight (g):                 64.5

            Diameter (mm):         50.32

            Width (mm):               41.7

            Gap (mm):                 4.5

            Bearing:                     Size C - YYJ Speed

            Response:                 YYJ Silicone Pads

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