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YoYoJam Fiesta Tres Yo-Yo

YoYoJam Fiesta Tres Yo-Yo

$ 19.99 $ 30.60

The YoYoJam Fiesta Tres is, without a doubt , one of the best and most popular offstring yo-yo's. Molded completely out of celcon the Fiesta is as durable as they come and provides an excellent slick surface. Players will find that there is no better choice than the Fiesta as it executes regenerations, whips, and floats across the string like no other offstring Yo-Yo you have thrown. Offstring play has been waiting for the next big thing and it has arrived! Fiesta TRES is a yo-yo built from the ground up to meet the demands of SIX Time US National Champion, Bryan Figueroa. Just as Bryan's freestyles and tricks have evolved, so have the demands of the modern offstring player. To reinvent offstring, Bryan went back to the drawing board and he has delivered the 4A Freestyle Yo-Yo for our modern age.

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