YoYoSam's Trifecta Skill Toy Set - Yo-Yo - Kendama -Juggling Balls

Sale price$ 34.99

YoYoSam's Trifecta is a great value for beginner skill toy enthusiasts, Or someone looking for a little variety in skill toys.

You get:

Zeekio Spin Cycle Aluminum Ball Bearing Yo-Yo. Perhaps the best beginner yo-yo on the market. Comes with a skinny bearing beginners looking for an easy throw, and fat bearing, for more advanced plays and crazy long sleep times. It even has some spinning side bearing for finger spins. Extra strings included.

Bahama Kendama Standard sized kendama. Made from quality birchwood,, this kendama has stood the test of time for reliable play and hours of fun. Comes with extra string.

Zeekio Beginner Juggling set. Three soft filled juggling balls that are a perfect size and weight for new jugglers. Lands solid in your hand and won't bounce or roll away like other balls.

You get all three for one amazing one low price.

*Substitutions may be made for styles and colors of products. All substitutions will be of equal or greater value.

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