Zeekio Begleri - Hand Painted Steel fidget toy - by Peng

Color: Swamp
Sale price$ 34.99
These are hand painted steel Begleri, made by the artist PENG exclusively for Zeekio.

Solid steel design, drilled with an one end extra wide to recess the knot, giving it a clean look and smooth feel.

Each one is hand painted by PENG, through a hydro print process that uses enamel paint in swirled colors and designs. Each one a unique and special work of art. After the enamel sets, the steel beads are dipped in a polymer epoxy that give it an ultra shine gloss and tough exterior.

PENG takes extra care to match up the two halves to compliment each other. Since each is hand painted and dipped, no two are identical. They may have slight bumps that occurs naturally in the hand dipping epoxy process. All painted steel can potentially chip, but this is a seriously tough finish that if cared for will stand the test of time.

Ships in a gift box, each hand signed by the artist. We also send a small drawstring velour bag to store and protect your begleri.

Weight is about 1 ounce (30grams). Comes with extra strings.

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