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Zeekio Pegasus Stage Style Juggling Clubs - Set of 3

Zeekio Pegasus Stage Style Juggling Clubs - Set of 3

$ 42.99

Set of three of the decorative version of the Pegasus, our best selling club. ?ÿPegasus gives you all the performance and feel of the high priced clubs, but at a price that won't make you drop.

Traditional shape, Pegasus clubs are made with a multi-piece design, including a wrapped handle that flexes over the inner dowel for a soft landing and perfect feel in your?ÿhand.?ÿ

The body is?ÿcolored?ÿPVC that is scuff resistant and ?ÿretains it's shape even under tough long term use.

The Pegasus has a sturdy black rubber knob and rubber base cap.

The Stage version has a flashier style with silver foil over a colored base. ?ÿMore foil mean more flash, great for stage performances.

Set of three.


Composite Design
Length: 20.5 inches;
Width at widest point 3 3/8" Weight: 200 grams.

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