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yoyo Zeekio Prism Rainbow Anodized Aluminum Yo-Yo

yoyo Zeekio Prism Rainbow Anodized Aluminum Yo-Yo

$ 39.99

The Prism by yoyo Zeekio is a living classic and is yoyoZeekio's all time best seller. With an original diffused rainbow anodized finish the Prism will impress players and spectators alike.

The Prism is unlike any yo-yo you have ever seen. Just wait until you take it for a spin!  The Prism will look great on your shelf or in your case but gorgeous on the string!  The one-of-a-kind anodization causes the Prism to take on a steel gray look with flashes of colors while spinning. While many have tried to copy none have been able to reproduce the uniqueness of the Prism..

But it is not all about looks the Prism’s high quality steel ball bearing and silicone friction stickers make this performance yo-yo play as good as it looks.

Take it for a spin and you'll see why it's a top seller.


Weight: 66 grams

Diameter: 53.5 mm

Width: 42 mm

String Gap: 4.75 mm

Bearing : Standard C size, Quality Stainless steel

Response: Silicone Friction Stickers


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