Zero Gravity Winglet Yo-Yo - Aluminum YoYo with Wooden Display Stand

Color: Blue Sky
Sale price$ 39.99

From Zero Gravity
This project came to life in early 2020 after being inspired from the aerodynamics of planes' and birds' wings. Winglets are made to reduce the air flow and maintain the maximum lift of an object in motion.

The result was an extreme H-shaped profile throw with a smooth finish that is easy to catch and that performs extraordinary finger grinds. Your hand will also notice the ergonomic design of this return top.

We wanted this throw to play lightly and bring kinetics into the mix for a long spin time.

The Winglet will help you in learning new tricks and in improving your technical skills due to its stability and fun design. It also has the capability to easily perform thumb grinds and once you lock into its finger spin hub, you will absolutely love it!

Weight: 63.6
Width: 44.4 mm
Diameter: 56.9 mm
Gap: 4.4 mm
Bearing: Size C, V-shape grooved
Alloy: 6061 Aluminum
Finish: Blasted

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