AroundSquare Delrin Deadeye Contact Coin- Currency Manipulation, Worry Stone -Large Delrin

Color: White
Sale price$ 15
Deadeye Contact Coins - Delrin

Aroundsquare’s Deadeyes are their first entry into the world of currency manipulation. The delrin version of the deadeyes is primarily intended as a lightweight worry stone. While it is possible to manipulate them and perform “contact coin” style tricks, as with the metal Deadeyes, the lightweight delrin material makes such manipulations harder to execute smoothly. That said, the shape is the same as the original metal coins, with the same ergonomic indent on either side, making them an excellent fidget toy that won’t weigh down the pockets.

Diameter: 37mm
Weight: 7.5g per piece.

All Deadeyes are packaged in a box only at this time. Future releases may add additional packaging elements, different finishes, and laser etching. One Coin per package

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