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Duncan Toys Pulse LED Light-Up Yo-Yo, Intermediate Level Yo-Yo with Ball Bearing Axle and LED Lights, Colors May Vary

$ 18.99 

Like the Lime Light, the Pulse features special LED light-up technology. Unlike the Lime Light, the Pulse features a ball-bearing axle for even longer spin times and friction stickers for easy returns. Used by world champions! Special LED light technology blinks and changes colors and patterns while it spins! Friction sticker technology for easy returns. Ball-bearing axle for extended spin times, used by world champions!

GREAT LIGHT SHOW! The longer the spin time, the more the light changes colors and patterns

Note: Body & Imprint Color Varies

Weight: 55.66g/1.96oz
Diameter (mm): 57.5
Width (mm): 27.2