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Zeekio LED Light Up Juggling Balls with Charging Cord ( Set of 3)

$ 49.99 

Zeekio Light-up LED Balls have brilliantly illuminated LEDs inside the semi-opaque body, providing a built-in light show for any juggling performance.

Multiple colors and multiple modes, including solid, rotating colors and strobe. You will be thrilled with the performance of these LED Balls.

Made of flexible material, these balls fit nicely in the hand, with a soft feel and just a little bit of "stick" to them.

Click and hold power button to turn on. One click to change modes

Comes with a three headed USB charging cord that can charge in any USB charger.

Quality balls, bright and vibrant colors, and excellent technology make Zeekio LED Juggling balls among the best of the best.

Balls weigh 90g/3.17oz
Diameter: 68mm/2.68in
9 Modes of Lights (7 Solid Colors, Fade, Strobe)
One Charger cord for all 3 balls

Set of Three Balls