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Taylor Tries Signature Beginner Juggling Ball Set - 6 Panel Ball - 110 grams 62mm - Set of 3

$ 21.99 

These Juggling Balls were created to satisfy the design and quality requirements of social media sensation, Taylor Tries. This Juggling ball is made from 6 panels of Synthetic leather that have been hand stitched. They are millet filled and are extremely soft in your hand. Not too big, not too small. Just right for beginners and jugglers of all ages and levels. Each ball has Taylor's logo printed on one panel. These are the perfect size, perfect weight, and perfect amount of flex to give beginners a step up in their juggling. See the difference these quality juggling balls by Taylor Tries will make in your juggling experience.

SPECS: Each ball weighs approximately 110 grams and is about 62mm.
Set of 3 Balls

More About Taylor:
Taylor Tries is a social media star in every sense. Her willingness to try anything, even the most challenging of skill toys, along with her amazing skills and magnetic personality make her someone that everyone enjoys following. That is why Zeekio has been honored to team up with her to create Taylor Tries juggling props. With design input, testing and ultimate approval by Taylor herself, Taylor Tries juggling props are products we feel great about.