CLYW Beater Yo-Yo - Organic with Double Rim Design - Steve Brown Signature YoYo

Color: Stay Gold Ponyboy
Sale price$ 99.99

Some things are worth the wait.

From CLYW:
The Beater is the first CLYW signature model for U.S. National YoYo Master Steve Brown, and the first organic we've produced with our double-rim design. Manufactured with 7075 Aluminum for extra durability, the Beater was designed to be fat, smooth, and fun and hold up to the kind of abuse that Steve so famously puts his return tops through. From Walking the Dog on concrete to creating foundational counterweight tricks that required you to throw the return top at a wall, Steve has always pushed his equipment to perform through punishment and the Beater is built to take it.

The Beater box and pin art feature a true beater, Steve's first car: a 1982 Honda Accord that survived two floods, poor maintenance practices, several hurricanes, and four people all getting food poisoning at the same time.

It plays good, and it'll take a hit. Comes with a LOG counterweight.

Weight: 66.8g/2.36oz
Width: 45.4mm/1.79in
Diameter: 55.01mm/2.17in
Material: 7075 Aluminum

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