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Duncan Butterfly AL Retro Edition Yo-Yo - Aluminum Classic YoYo

$ 49.99 
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Butterfly AL - Retro Edition includes a Slim Spec C bearing and a shorter axle for an extra responsive play!

The idea of transforming the Butterfly into aluminum is a pretty bold concept. The original Butterfly design is really something you don't want to mess around with. After a lot of thought, Duncan finally decided to design something aimed towards modern responsive yo-yoing; maintaining the feel of the original Butterfly but gearing the yo-yo towards a trick set that wasn't invented at the time of the original Butterfly's release. Their goal became to keep that timeless Duncan feeling, to make the yo-yo play responsively without sacrificing performance, and, of course, to keep the look of the Butterfly AL as close to that of the original Butterfly as possible.

Weight: 62.04g/ 2.19oz
Width: 32.23mm/1.27in
Diameter: 52.05mm/2.05in
Gap: 4.02mm/0.16in
Bearing: Size C (.250x.500x.187)