yoyofriends KOI Yo-Yo - 7068 Mono-Metal YoYo

Color: Acid Wash Model 2
Sale price$ 58

KOI showcases a different side of yoyofriends by focusing on flow and feel. It has an overall organic shape that still packs performance. KOI has an optimized center/rim weight distribution to give a relaxed experience when throwing normally. It also has optimized power and acceleration to handle all the tricks when pushed. KOI is the everyday carry that gives users a fun and pleasant experience no matter the situation.

Weight:65.8g / 2.32oz
Width: 44mm / 1.73in
Diameter: 56mm / 2.2in
Gap: 4.4mm / 0.17in
Bearing: Center Track
Axle: 4x10mm
Body Material: 7068 Aluminum

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