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Auto Pilot Yo-Yo - Sean Collins YoYo

$ 58.99 $ 64.99

Description from Sean Collins:

I wanted to create a soul successor to one of my first projects with a great community friend, Ume. Having some design work under my belt for some time I retooled my original image. Still something I would reach for time and time again. The end result is this - the autopilot - a matured reimagining of my first yo-yo, the lunar wind.

Smoother, still segmented from rim to profile, and revised matador spike design meant to allow for modern fingerspin tricks still. It can do it all. The wide gap accommodating that new trick you just found out completely in the zone you need to relearn with 4 string wraps. This yo-yo is meant for that zone "Autopilot".

Weight: 65g/2.29oz
Width: 43.4mm/1.71in
Diameter: 55.1mm/2.17in
Gap: 5mm/0.20in
Material: 7068 Aluminum