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Unifly 20" Freestyle Unicycle- C Frame - Wide Double Aluminum Wheel

$ 159.00 

The Unifly Freestyle is a great all around Unicycle. Extra strong frame, extra strong wheels and no slip pedals makes this a great Unicycle to help you take your riding to the next level. Made from oval tubular steel construction it is strong enough to take a beating. Its squared shoulders gives foot traction for advanced tricks. The wheel is a wide 2.4", and reinforced double walled aluminum rim with color matched sides. Easy to assemble, it comes with all the tools needed.

Available in several vibrant colors.

The durable stretch vinyl saddle comes emblazoned with the Unifly logo.

Frame: 20" Tubular oval Steel
Saddle: Durable Vinyl with color matching bumpers and the Unifly logo.
Wheel: A wide 2.4" all terrain tread, reinforced double walled aluminum rim, rubber tube, stainless spokes
Seat post: 9.5" (240 mm), Minimum of 23" inseam recommended.
Seat post clamp: Double hex bolt aluminum.