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C3yoyodesign Pro Yo-Yo String - Fat Size Polyester - 50 Pack of YoYo String

$ 12.00 

C3yoyodesign PRO-STRING - 50 Pack

-Precision String & Momentum String-

The Precision and Momentum strings are 2 new strings produced by C3yoyodesign with thickness comparable to that of fat string. Both strings offer a significantly heavier feel than other strings on the market, making it easier for the player to control slacks and similar maneuvers. These denser strings also maintain the shape of slacks well without sacrificing their smoothness and flexibility.

-Precision String ' Pink White-
Unlike its counterpart, the precision string does not offer a slight pull, but is much more controllable. During slack maneuvers, the player can feel the exact position of the string. This string travels slower than its counterpart, allowing slack combos to appear more elegant. The precision string is suitable for players who do dense slack combos that require an extreme amount of control.

-Momentum String ' Yellow Pink-
As its name suggests, this string packs momentum as it travels through the air. The player can feel a slight pull from the string during slacks and whips. This string travels quicker through the air. The momentum strings is suitable for players who demand fast whips and lacerations.

Size: FAT
Material: 100% Polyester
Length: 51-53in (130-135cm)
Count: 50